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My new version of this masterpiece is now available on paperback and e-book!

“On the day Bernarda Alba buries her second husband, she imposes an 8-year mourning period on her household in accordance with her family tradition. Bernarda has 5 daughters, aged between 20 and 39, whom she has controlled inexorably and prohibited from any form of relationship.

Exchanging the oppressive heat of early twentieth century Southern Spain for the oppressive rain of 1950s England, this brand new translation of Lorca’s masterpiece distils the essence of the original play, showing the parallels between 1920s Andalucía and 1950s Sussex while maintaining the emotional drive of Lorca’s study of class, grief and – overall – the earthshattering consequences of attempting to repress the human heart.”

The box

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There is a box inside which I daren’t look. It holds memories, but no regrets. Sometimes I try to forget that box exists. But I know that lies and excuses won’t make it disappear. There is a box which contains memories I daren’t delete for fear that it would make me less human. The box is old and dusty and cracked. I wish he wasn’t in that box. But it is what it is. And one day, other memories will fill it. Another he, another story, another life. But for now, I peak into the box only when I take a deep breath or when it takes me by surprise. The pain is there but the sadness isn’t because, I know in my heart it is all for the best and that all will be fine. But, until then, there is a box inside which I daren’t look – or rather – pretend that I don’t. And smile and laugh and joke around waiting for the past to finally stay behind. (by Madm – London 2016)


Nueva novela: “Cecilia”

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La Shalforen es…

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